The purpose of this competition is to allow photographers to enter photographic traditional albums to be judged relative to the 12 Elements of a Merit Print for the purpose of critique and/or competing for awards. Click Here for more information about Print Judging from PPA. Judging will be to PPA standards but it should be noted that this is NOT a PPA Affiliated Competition and PPA merits can NOT be earned.

These rules pertain to images created by traditional photographic processes as well as those captured electronically with a digital camera or scanner. SMNPPA Members are eligible to receive SMNPPA Photographer of the Year for Master Photographer, SMNPPA Photographer of the Year Non-Master, People Choice Award and Judges Choice Awards.


  1. The entrant must have captured and created the original exposure.
  2. Any entry which has been reproduced from an existing photograph, portrait, graphic or any other art work produced by another person is a violation of the competition rules and will not be judged, accepted, or displayed. If an entry, in the good-faith opinion of the Photographic Competition Committee, violates copyright, trademark or any other applicable law that entry shall be disqualified.
  3. The entrant’s name shall not appear anywhere on the face of the entry.
  4. There is a limit of 4 Entries. These may be a combination of prints and albums. Each print and/or album submitted counts as one entry. You must enter at least three prints/albums in order to be eligible for awards.
  5. Entrant must have a model release on file for each entry submitted.
  6. No entry will be eligible that has been made under the supervision of an instructor/ speaker or workshop.
  7. The same subject may be in more than one of the entrant’s submitted images.
  8. Entries previously submitted at a previous SMNPPA Print Competition or PPA International Competition are not eligible, including any image from a merited album.
  9. Entry media includes photographic prints or albums.
  10. The print committee is not responsible for possible handling damage to entered submissions.
  11. Entries must be submitted before Print Competition Starts.
  12. Labels should be printed and adhered to the back of each print.


  • Print: Portrait photographs, Wedding/Candid, Illustrative/Unclassified, Commercial.
  • Album: Albums containing any subject matter from time-sensitive events such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, or any non-event subject such as portraits and storytelling albums.


  1. Sizes: Entrants may submit printed images of any shape and size on a mount board with a minimum of 80 square inches (8x10) to a maximum of 480 square inches (20x24) with the largest dimension no longer than 24 inches. Traditional competition size has been 16x20, but non-traditional sizes are now acceptable within the dimensions stated above.
  2. Mounting: Print entries must be mounted on standard mount material (double weight mat board, gator board, ¼” foam, or Sintra). “Float” mounting is accepted at the entrant’s risk for damage.
  3. An identical jpeg copy of the printed image with the dimensions with the height and width no longer than 5 inches at 300 PPI and the title of the print as the file name must be included.
  4. Images on metal and mounted to another standard material must have rounded corners and smooth edges. No mount that could potentially damage other entries or pose a danger to print handlers will be accepted. No material may be added to the front or back of any entry that may damage another entry.
  5. Masonite, glass, stretcher frames or conventional frames will not be accepted.
  6. Use the official entry form and affix the official print label to the back of each print.


  1. Album entries may be submitted in the form of a Traditional Album.
  2. Album Categories can be Events Albums, time-sensitive events such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, or Non-events for portraits and storytelling albums.
  3. NOTE: Multi maker and single maker albums will be judged together.


  1. Album covers must be between 63-400 square inches.
  2. No multiple volume albums are allowed.
  3. Any studio identification or entrant’s name in the traditional album must be covered.
  4. Include the album label with your entry.

Click Here to Download the SMNPPA Competition Rules

Click Here to Download the SMNPPA Print Competition Entry Form

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