Brian Baer & Jessica Galaska - Business 2.0 + Slow Season Playbook

Brian Baer & Jessica Galaska - Business 2.0 + Slow Season Playbook

From 05/16/19 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm

At Zumbro Lutheran Church

aciBrian and Jes combined their studios and styles this past summer into Baer Studios in Kearney Nebraska. Prior to the new adventure, they had to basically rebrand the entire aesthetic of their studios into one cohesive brand to bring two businesses together.  Before the new look was launched, lots of planning and time was poured into the new Baer Studios for the first six months.  They want to share their story with you, and to show you how they started over without starting over.


Brian Jesbaer logoIn addition, Brian and Jes will share with you their tried and true monthly promotions that keep them busy December through May.   Our promotions include high volume Santa, pet promotion, and a cute kid contest.  We will share with you how you can build promotions and partner with a non-profit and make it profitable for everyone.   

There will be tips on how everything came together, how they seperate roles in the office, taking care of their clients and how they do everything with intention for the success of the business. It's not scary, it's just a lot of work and dedication.  Don't miss this class because there will be no fluff, just the good stuff coming from 43 years of combined studio ownership experience.  If you want to learn more about them, you can follow them on Instagram @baerstudios @brianbaer @jesgalaska

Brian Baer - M.Photog., Cr.  PPA National Award, PPN Past President, PPN Diamond Fellow

4x PPN of Senior Photographer of the year

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