The Southern Minnesota Professional Photographers Association (SMNPPA) is an organization of professional photographers whose purpose is to educate its members by promoting professionalism, quality of work, sound business practices and excellent customer service.

  • SMNPPA is proud to present our membership in a searchable database so you can select the photographer who would be best suited to your needs. Select “Find Your Photographer” from our menu and you can search for a photographer by name, studio name, city, zip code or type of photography services offered.
  • Monthly Meetings, the third Thursday of each month, with nationally recognized speakers, vender tradeshow, print competition, workshops, parties and networking.
  • Privilege of Using SMNPPA Logo: As a SMNPPA Member, you have the privilege of using the SMNPPA name, logo and your Membership as a marketing tool to set your business apart from amateurs in your area.
  • SMNPPA Members have a 20 Image Gallery to display their work to prospective clients as well as a Studio description and a promotion page.

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The SMNPPA Board invites you to become an SMNPPA Member!

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See the Difference

see the differenceSee the Difference between a photographer and a Professional Photographer. Your family portrait, senior photos, baby photos, weddings are all priceless moments that deserve what a professional photographer offers in their technical training, creativity and image solutions to capture the essence of the image.

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